Jane Capital Partners

Founded in 2001, the Jane Capital team has worked together for over 20 years through predecessor firms. During this period, the group backed a number of ventures in energy, environmental and information technology.

From emerging technology companies to complex multi-national mandates, Jane Capital advises clients on growing their business through mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, joint ventures and financings. In select cases, we act as principals.

The Jane Capital team marries expertise in corporate finance with entrepreneurs and respected experts in technology.  We were on the ground floor of the emergence of cleantech.  We care deeply about preserving our environment. We have cofounded nearly one new funded venture a year for ourselves or our clients, in IT, solar, carbon, superconductors, fuel cells, green business, and smart grid. We have executed or advised on over 75 corporate finance transactions, financings, M&A, IPOs, or JVs as a team, about half most cross border.

In every situation, Jane Capital leverages its deep transactional, technical and operational experience in developing long-term relationships.

Global Initiatives

For over 15 years, the team at Jane Capital has executed cross-border transactions around the globe.

Our primary international work includes advising clients on:

    • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate venture, financings and joint ventures.
    • Launch of technologies and services in North America.

Merchant Banking

We’ve been doing merchant banking for a long time, making acquisitions and investments, and building businesses for our clients and ourselves. Call us if you are looking to sell, need capital, or want us to help you grow through acquisitions or joint ventures. Opportunistic investor/acquiror for ourselves and clients

    • <$1 to $10s of mms

Invest through JVs and partnerships

    • Raise follow-on capital
    • Active executive roles/board seats
    • Build the business
    • Use as acquisition platform