Merchant Banking

Jane Capital is a leading merchant bank committed to developing and growing businesses in the cleantech, energy and environmental technology industries. We work both as a principal and as a corporate advisor for clients. We’ve done ventures, deals, and cross-border transactions throughout the Australasian region and Europe. Call us if you need help growing organically or through acquisitions or joint ventures.


Cleantech Leadership

Jane Capital has been a thought leader in cleantech almost since its beginning. In 2005 we launched CleantechBlog, which is now the largest cleantech dedicated blog with over 4,000 daily subscribers.  On google search, our websites rank as among two of the top five sites for cleantech. We are routinely quoted on cleantech issues in a wide range of media including Red Herring, WSJ, FT, NY Times, Grist.org, Wall Street Reporter, Houston Chronicle, SF Chronicle, Cleantech.com, Greentech Media, Point Carbon, Business Journal, Climate Biz, Green Biz, San Jose Mercury News, AP, CNET, Time.com, Forbes.com, Fortune, et al.