Senseer Health, Inc. today announced that it has acquired UrLoop, Inc., a leading innovator in senior living software solutions. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

UrLoop is an enterprise-grade service management and communication software platform, built to improve quality of care for the senior living industry by keeping everyone involved in an individual’s care connected, engaged and informed.

“We are very excited to have enhanced our healthcare IOT platform by adding UrLoop’s engagement and communication capabilities to our comprehensive solution,” said Sascha Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Senseer. “Clearly mitigating loneliness and isolation is a critical component for promoting health.”

This acquisition expands Senseer’s senior care ecosystem, complementing its workflow automation, EMR integration, proprietary remote care sensor and data networks, and predictive analytics by adding communication, engagement, and additional workflow automation features, all in one platform. Insights gained from scalable data acquisition will promote medical and marketing research to further address the needs and desires of today’s seniors.

We are delighted to join the Senseer team,” said Jane Lindner, CEO of UrLoop who is assuming a management role at Senseer. “While we were proud of our accomplishments, this acquisition enables us to be an integral part of an extensive end-to-end solution for senior living and be able to provide a clear path to far greater efficiency and the highest quality of care.”

Happiness Capital, UrLoop’s lead investor, has also invested in Senseer. “The Covid 19 pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerabilities of senior living communities. Together with UrLoop, Senseer’s solution will provide the remote healthcare and transparent communication critical to ensure a good quality of life for our older generation,” said Eric Ng, managing director of Happiness Capital.

About Senseer Health
Senseer is a developer of a cloud-based, data driven digital health platform to drive predictive analytics and enterprise-level business intelligence for the healthcare industry. Recently the Company expanded its product offering to provide real time remote care and operational efficiencies for senior living. Founded by Tuan Hoang, Ellis Meng and Sascha Lee, pioneers in microsensor technology for remote monitoring, the Company is ushering in a transformational continuum of care for seniors.