By: Jason Zucchetto

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Smart Wire Grid, Inc. has raised $3,000,000 of a $10,000,000 private offering. Smart Wire Grid, Inc. reported this private offering September 27, 2011 in an SEC Filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Form D).

Smart Wire Grid, Inc. reported no revenue according to the SEC Filing detailing the transaction. The type of investment being offered was listed as equity (opposed to debt, warrants, or other types of investment options). The first date of sale for the offering was noted as September 22, 2011. As of today, $10,000,000 is being offered, $3,000,000 has been sold, and $7,000,000 remains to be sold.

Let’s take a quick look at Smart Wire Grid, Inc.’s fundraising history. This is the first Form D we’ve seen from Smart Wire Grid, Inc.. This doesn’t mean they haven’t raised money in the past, this is only the first time they’ve raised money and created a new class of securities with the SEC. Smart Wire Grid, Inc.’s complete history can be viewed here.

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