The dynamic power flow control technology from Smart Wire Grid converts an existing transmission line into a controllable and observable Smart Wire. As the exhibitors explain, the result is the ability to shift power away from overloaded lines or onto underutilized lines while increasing situational awareness through a suite of sensors and analytics. The Distributed Series Reactors from the company are directly mounted on the conductors, with each DSR capable of injecting 50 μH of inductance on command. The sensor capabilities allow each reactor to provide real-time data and fault indication on the line for current, conductor temperature, frequency, sag and blowout angles, and set points. Moreover, the backhaul communications allow each DSR to be operated remotely under control of the energy management system or autonomously with pre-set trip points of current or conductor temperature. The system is said to offer a viable, cost-effective solution for networks with intermittent generation to meet N-x loading conditions to secure network reliability, improve the economic dispatch of renewable generation, and increase Available Transmission Capacity. The installation of modules is reportedly uncomplicated, with crews requiring only around seven minutes per unit.

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