LONDON (Alliance News) – Cloud software and communications company Synety Group PLC said Wednesday that it has signed a partnership with World Options Ltd, in a contract worth at least GBP60,000, to supply its CloudCall and telephony services.

World Options is a freight and air express reseller, that provides its customers with access to courier companies to ship goods to locations worldwide. Under the contract, Synety will provide its CloudCall product to World Options’ headquarters and franchise offices.

The contract is for a minimum of 12 months, after which it will continue on a rolling 12 month basis, and is expected to be worth upwards of GBP60,000 per year in service fees and telecoms charges.

Synety said that in addition to the initial contract, World Options plans to integrate CloudCall into its own portal and market Synety’s service through their franchise network.

Shares in Synety were Wednesday trading 4.17% lower at 230.00 pence per share.

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