Cloud-based software product provider SYNETY Group PLC Tuesday said it has launched a new web-browser based plug-in that Executive Chairman Simon Cleaver described as a “game changer” that will greatly expand the market it can serve.

CloudCall Chrome is a plug in that works within the Google web browser and with any browser-based software that allows users to click-and-call directly from any webpage and online based customer relationship management service, even those that are not using CloudCall, said SYNETY.

Users also receive call notifications with inbound screen popping, automatic call recording, which can be synced with any customer relationship management software, and real time reporting, said the company.

“Launching the CloudCall Chrome plug-in is a game-changer for SYNETY as it dramatically increases our addressable market and changes our relationship with the customer relationship management providers,” said Cleaver.

“Our financial arrangements with customer relationship management companies are more likely to be based on the level of marketing activity and the customer introductions they deliver, rather than for simply carrying out integrations. This will provide much greater power and influence over our addressable market and future revenues,” he added.

SYNETY shares were up 4.8% to 185.00 pence per share on Tuesday morning.

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