Geli and Eguana Technologies, a market leader in power control and conversion solutions for distributed energy storage systems, have signed an agreement to pursue integration of Eguana’s residential AC Battery with the Geli Energy Operating System (Geli EOS). As a first step, Eguana’s AC battery now supports installation of the Geli EOS within its enclosure in minutes with no additional hardware, reducing installation time, cost, and space for residential storage solutions. Integrated system functionality includes time-of-use shifting, back-up power, and the ability to participate in grid aggregation services.

“Geli is excited to officially enter the residential vertical via this partnership with Eguana,” said Geli CEO and co-founder Ryan Wartena. “Developer partners in the U.S. and abroad have been clamoring for a Geli-enabled residential solution; now we are able to offer a product that will connect homeowners with Geli’s Internet of Energy platform.”

“Eguana is thrilled to be able to add Geli and the Geli EOS to our growing list of supplier partnerships,” said Eguana CTO and co-founder Brent Harris. “Several of our customers have already chosen Geli to automate their energy storage products and the Eguana – Geli collaboration will yield further cost reduction and enhanced performance as we engage on the partnership.”

Gexpro Solutions is the first supplier to offer an integrated Geli – Eguana energy system. Gexpro’s system also includes LG Chem lithium ion batteries and is now available for order.

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