Smart Wires recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary with a ribbon cutting ceremony at their new offices located at 201 Spear Street in downtown San Francisco. The celebration was attended by 50 Smart Wires employees from the San Francisco office, and was hosted by Tom Voss, Chairman, Jim Davis, CEO, and Gregg Rotenberg, President.

The anniversary party marks an incredible year, which also saw Tom Voss join Smart Wires as Chairman.

Company picture ribbon cutting

Tom Voss, Chairman, cutting the ribbon at the 5-year anniversary event hosted at the new Smart Wires headquarters in San Francisco.

Davis commented “I am so proud of what this team has accomplished in these past five years. The combination of extraordinary talent, unrivaled technical brilliance and fearless innovation, and a culture of collaboration and customer focus from everyone at Smart Wires has shaped this company and its trajectory.”


The anniversary cake featuring candy PowerLineTM Guardians

The company recently relocated from its previous headquarters in Oakland to be closer to major clients like Pacific Gas & Electric, who will be installing Smart Wire’s PowerLine Guardian™ technology on their transmission system later this fall. Smart Wires is currently engaged with over 50 leading utilities around the world and is lining up partners to pilot its next generation Router technology in early 2016.

About Smart Wires

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in the United States and in the United Kingdom,

Smart Wires is the leader in grid optimization solutions that leverage its patented distributed power flow control technology. Driven by a world-class leadership team with extensive experience delivering innovative solutions, Smart Wires works with utilities globally to address the unique challenges of the rapidly evolving electric system. Smart Wires technology was developed by utilities for utilities, led by a consortium of large US utilities at the National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center (NEETRAC). This core group of utilities, which included Southern Company, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. (BGE) and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), defined the vision for the original technology. Today, the system is rapidly becoming part of the utility tool kit as more and more electric utilities explore new ways to alleviate congestion, improve network utilization, manage changing generation profiles and maintain reliable electric service. For more information, please visit


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