Smart Wires was invited by Edison Electric Institute to publish an article in the June 2016 edition of Electric Perspectives Magazine. Tom Voss, Smart Wire’s Chairman, authored a piece titled “The Road to a Flexible Power Grid” which acknowledged that new technologies that offer agility, speed and optionality in addressing transmission constraints are becoming increasingly essential.

Smart Wires’ two largest customers, Southern Company and Pacific Gas & Electric, applauded the use of distributed power flow control as an important element for making the transmission grid more dynamic and resilient. Tom Fanning, Southern Company’s Chairman, noted “today we have the opportunity to play offense and create America’s energy future by becoming smarter, faster and more responsive.” In similar fashion, PG&E’s Chairman, Tony Earley, also views Smart Wires as an answer to innovation. He reiterated, “We are constantly seeking technologies that will lower energy costs for our customers, and welcome the opportunity to put a potential solution to the test.”

The article concludes with an example of how regulators are encouraging utilities to “investigate and evaluate new advanced technologies when replacing aged transmission infrastructure.”